Black Strapless Yoga Bra

Satya Yoga Wear

The perfect fit! This strapless bra is made from double layered fabric (cotton with 10% spandex) and strong elastic. Created with a high-quality cotton-spandex blend it is comfortable against the skin, soft, and offers great support on the bust. All Satya Yoga bras, tanks, and pants are made with natural fabric.

About Satya Yoga Wear
Satya Yoga Wear was born in the rice fields of Bali after its founder initially started making yoga clothing for herself during a trip to the country. After living there for more than five years she turned her personal project into a brand. Satya means truth in Sanskrit, which reflects the company's simplicity and authenticity. Satya Yoga Wear lovingly makes premium women's yoga clothes and activewear in Bali.

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