Quartz Crystal Earrings


Beautiful statement earrings featuring delicate crystals. These tapered earrings are made of natural, quartz mineral gemstones. They are lightly wrapped in 14K gold fill wire, allowing the stones to keep their natural milky glow!


  • Quartz crystals
  • Set at tapered lengths
  • Lightly wrapped in 14K gold fill wire
  • Length: approximately 4-5" inches long
  • Stones: approximately 3/4-1" long
  • Handcrafted by Frieda + Sophie
  • All stones come from companies that guarantee ecological standards in mining

Frieda + Sophie, a San Francisco-based designer, created the earrings in her studio using the finest gemstones. All stones come from reputable companies that guarantee ecological standards in how the stones were mined and cut. 80% of stones from Frieda + Sophie come from U.S. sources, and if purchased internationally, she tries to purchase directly from mine owners. Each piece features hand-picked stones to create an original piece of art.

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