Organic Cotton Black Freckle Knit Blouse


 It doesn't get much better than this! An organic black knit cotton shirt that has an everyday elegance that makes it the most versatile shirt you may own. The timeless hue, combined with comfort and style will quickly make this shirt your go-to.

This shirt is made from organic cotton, meaning no chemicals were used. Non-organic cotton uses a quarter-pound worth of toxic chemicals, so you can wear this shirt knowing you're helping the land, water, and the people who farm it.


  • 100% organic, GOTS certified cotton
  • Unique "freckled" hand-dyed design
  • Size Chart
  • Made by Komodo, which is a pioneer brand that promotes using organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, Tencel, and other natural fibers. The welfare of its suppliers and individuals who work in small factories to produce the clothes is always considered. Komodo designs its collections in London, using traditional skills and eco-fabrics.

    About MadeFAIR
    MadeFAIR is a clothing store that only sells ethical and sustainable fashion. All items found on MadeFAIR are made without exploiting workers or using chemicals that harm the environment. As the MadeFAIR name states, everything found is fairly made with every step of the supply chain considered.

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