Why Your Purchase Matters

 Handmade ethically sourced clothing

Photo Credit: Passion Lilie

Every item bought on Love Justly is either Fair Trade, ethically sourced, or has a social mission.

So what does this mean?

Fair Trade means that fair wages are provided, and the artisans creating the product work in a safe and healthy working environment, providing dignified income for people around the world.

Fair Trade certification can sometimes be difficult to obtain due to the expense and time associated with this designation, so Love Justly also partners with companies who ethically source their products.

Ethically Sourced

These companies may not have Fair Trade certification, but they still fit the same qualifications of providing a fair wage and proper working conditions. They may also repurpose clothing into new beautiful accessories or apparel to help keep clothing out of landfills, and help the environment.

Social Mission

Social mission is a third category of products sometimes found on Love Justly. These companies may have a buy-one, give-one model, or give proceeds to communities in need.

Why does it matter?

How you spend your dollar does have a tremendous impact. When you choose to support companies providing dignified employment to artisans around the world you help to build economic stability for families, provide hope for a brighter future, and make the world a better place filled with more love and justice.

Together Love Justly shines the light on companies, and organizations, doing tremendous work and we thank you for your support and the ripple affect your purchase makes!

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Photo Credit: Liz Alig, Symbology, and Passion Lilie