Peace Necklace

Ten Thousand Villages

This beautiful classic pendant features a timeless design making it perfect for any occasion. And you won't believe the story behind it! This piece is made from bomb casings that have been collected in Cambodia. Artisans transformed the bombshells into jewelry, reflecting the transformative power of peace. Pair it with matching earrings!


  • 1 inch in diameter x 22 inches long
  • Made with bombshell brass
  • Handmade in Cambodia
  • Matching earrings

    "This is a pretty necklace that can be worn with casual or work clothes. It's understated. I like wearing it on days I need a little extra peace!" ~ Dorothy S.

    "I love this necklace--the way it looks and what it represents. It's a simple reminder to make peaceful choices and its minimalist beauty makes it perfect for everyday wear." ~ Christina E.

    About Ten Thousand Villages
    For more than 60 years, Ten Thousand Villages has served as a fair trade retailer, working with more than 130 artisan groups from nearly 40 countries. It has pioneered the fair trade industry to help break the cycle of poverty.

    The non-profit social enterprise:

    • Pays a fair price;
    • Creates long-term partnerships with artisan groups;
    • Makes sure artisans have good working conditions;
    • Collaborates with designers to produce trend pieces that incorporate traditional craftmanship;
    • Emphasizes using recycled or renewable materials;
    • Empowers to help create change for the artisans, their communities, and their families.

    Photo: © Courtesy of Ten Thousand Villages

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