Handwoven Keychain

Purse & Clutch

Do you feel like you're always losing your keys? This keychain is just what you need. Wear it around your wrist when running into the store and easily find it in your purse thanks to the leather strap. When you get home place it on a hook by your front door or drop it in a bowl and you'll be set! You can also use the clip to attach it to your purse strap.
  • Beautiful stitching
  • Super soft leather
  • Hand-spun cotton, botanically dyed by hand, then hand-loomed into cotton fabric
  • Hand-sewn in rural Guatemala
  • Dimensions: 6" x 1"
  • Learn more about Purse & Clutch's production process

    About Purse & Clutch
    Purse & Clutch curates high quality, well designed and ethically made handbags. It helps support long-term, sustainable employment for men & women by connecting them with international markets.

    Purse & Clutch also now has its own collection in partnership with a group of leather workers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and women throughout rural Guatemala. 

    Purse & Clutch takes the guesswork out of making sure something is made responsibly and only partners with artisan groups that fit the following ethical principles:

    • No forced labor or child labor
    • Artisans earn a living wage for their region and work in a positive environment
    • Have a long-term relationship of sustainable work
    • Conscious of their social, economic, and environmental impact on their country and ours
    • Do not discriminate based on gender, race, caste, political affiliation, or age

    Purse & Clutch doesn't maximize profits at their artisan's expense and removes the middlemen in the supply chain, whenever possible. It also uses as many handmade processes as possible to sustain as many jobs as possible, including hand carded and botanically hand-dyed thread.



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