Symbology - Redefining the Fashion Industry

Symbology - Redefining the Fashion Industry

Symbology | Fair Trade Clothing

Symbology started when its founder, Marissa Heyl, took a trip to India during college to study women's empowerment through fair trade. It was on that trip where she saw women creating amazing block-print designs and she started to picture these designs on a beautiful dress. From that inspiring moment, Symbology came to life.

Symbology | Love Justly | Handmade Apparel

Redefining the Fashion Industry
Symbology strives to redefine the fashion industry by creating fashionable clothing that also tells a story, preserves tradition and empowers women. It's where wearing a cute dress is so much more, and where every purchase truly makes a difference.

Symbology | Love Justly | Block Print Designs

Ethical Luxury Fashion Label
This ethical luxury fashion label combines artisan textiles to create handmade apparel that is fashion forward, builds lasting and authentic connections with artisan producers, and empowers women through fashion. 

Symbology | Love Justly | Luxury Ethical Fashion

Marissa Heyl, Symbology Founder
Marisa has had an incredible journey since Symbology began and she has big dreams for the future as well. She shares her journey with Love Justly, the importance of understanding how clothing is made, and her hopes for the future of Symbology.

Take us back to the "aha" moment for when Symbology first came to life. What is the spark that made you decide to start Symbology?
As mentioned, I was studying the artisan economy in India as an undergraduate anthropology student at the University of North Carolina when I saw a woman block printing a table cloth. I thought to myself, “This needs to be a dress!” From there I went on to work at other fair trade organizations and regularly found the design and fashion to be lacking. Without high-quality design that all people could love, fair trade fashion would always be niche and never have the sort of impact it could. That’s when I decided I needed to create Symbology.

What do you want people to know about Symbology?
I want people to know that no matter what they are wearing someone made those clothes. The human component to clothing and fashion is inescapable. However, there are choices as to how your clothing is made. We encourage all people to strive for a greater connection with what they wear, and where that clothing comes from. At Symbology our clothes are artisan crafted so that each piece tells a story.

Symbology | Fair Trade Clothing

What are your plans for Symbology's future?
We hope to expand our impact in several ways.

  • First, is to increase capacity and revenue for our current artisan groups. By providing regular and sizeable orders to these groups, the artisans can have greater economic stability and in turn better provide for their families and communities.
  • Second, we’d like to continue to search for additional artisan groups in other regions of the world to work with. Nearly every culture has a textile tradition. We hope to be able to incorporate more of these artisan techniques in our collections, creating a truly global experience.
  • And finally, we want to continue to explore ways to connect with customers, showing them that no one has to choose between their values and their sense of style. There are ethical labels popping up left and right. We want to help shape the marketplace so it is easier for people to find and choose ethically made products. 

Symbology | Fair Trade

    Visit Symbology to shop for discounts on luxury ethical fashion.

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