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February 21, 2017

Speaking with Katie Martinez, the founder of Elegantees, you can instantly tell fashion is so much more than what looks great, for her it's become life saving.

"The purpose of fashion has changed for me, it's all about providing an opportunity for hope and meaning," said Katie.

Katie Martinez | Elegantees | Ethical Fashion

Her eyes first opened to the horrors of human trafficking during a class at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She went on to start her own company, eventually partnering with K.I.Nepal to use fashion to help restore lives caught in the devastation of sex trafficking. Nepal is a country that sadly ranks very high for sex trafficking due to its extreme poverty level.

"Eliminating poverty is the number one way to help combat this crime," remarked Katie. "When women have the opportunity to earn a positive income, a job where they can be independent, have a healthy self-image, and gain confidence it's life saving."

Elegantees | Ethical Fashion

Border stations along the Nepal and India border look out for people who may be victims of this crime, with more than 20,000 Nepalese women and girls rescued every year.

"Traffickers approach the parents of beautiful young girls promising a better life for their child, telling them they'll provide their daughter an education in another country, yet little do they know they are sending their daughter off to become a prostitute. It's heartbreaking," continued Katie.

Elegantees | Handmade Clothes

For some who have been rescued, Elegantees provides a way for them to earn a living and provide hope to the survivors. Every item from Elegantees includes a signed tag from the sewer of the piece, allowing you to know the name of the woman behind your order.

"I just love that a purchase can make such a difference. It truly brings me joy knowing that when someone buys from Elegantees they are impacting and restoring lives. Fashion can make a difference and I experience that every day."

 Elegantees | Love Justly | Discounted Ethical Fashion

Visit Elegantees to shop for discounted items from this ethical fashion company changing lives for the better, and enjoy knowing your purchase matters!


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